About me

A brief overview of me, myself, and I.
Hairstylist and Make-up Artist.

French Beauty Licence.
Brevet Professionnel   (Salon Manager).
Brevet de Maitrise    (Mastercraftsman).
Florida cosmetologist license.
New York cosmetologist license.
Japan cosmetology license.

                          Orlando Bloom

Worked in Paris, France; Berlin, Germany; Edinburgh,  London U.K.
Miami Beach, Palm Beach, New York USA; Naha, and now Tokyo, Japan.

I wanted to do more, so after a while, I got tired of the sunny life on the beach because many photographers were coming from the mainland.

I finally decided to move for the last time to another great city, so now I’m based in Tokyo because I missed the real  action. I was sure that I’d find that here and I am pleased with this move.

I started in 1988 as a hairstylist in salons, fashion shows, and on TV. Then I became a make-up artist for photographers, TV and movie productions, fashion shows, body-painters, opera production, and special effects.

For personal pleasure, I love portrait photography especially when it’s for deeper hair and make-up results; I also like to do retro-classic styles. Since I’ve arrived in Japan, I have discovered cosplay and I like it.

I’m always eager for a challenge and I am not afraid to learn from better skilled people. And guess what? Some other people have got cool moves, too.

So please visit all of the different pages on this website via the menu above the pictures and let the show go on.Thank you very much and have a great day.

Maria conchita Alonso

Recently, I have been flying all over the world for clients, even though I am mainly located in Tokyo in Omotesando (right in the middle of the fashion district) and also Paris, France, in the Trocadero district and sometimes back in New York in Union Square in the city that never sleeps.

Originally from Paris, France, I started as a hairstylist, then also became a make-up artist. I moved to Berlin, Germany, followed by Scotland after a while, to work back in the fashion industry in Paris for a few years as a hairstylist.

Then I moved again to the United States, Miami Beach, for 2 years followed by New York for 8 years. I worked in a beauty salon and also for photographers. While I was working there, I saw a lot of skilled workers from all around the world.
A few years ago, I moved to Japan, got to work a bit in the industry here, and I realized how the market works and I needed to adapt to it.
After a while I decide to expand my knowledge again because it was needed.


– Chambre des métiers de Paris
Master Craftsman.

           Anthony Zerbe

– Vidal Sassoon Teacher training Level 1 & 2 ー London
Niveau 1&2 (advance) de coiffure pour enseignant chez Vidal Sassoon.

– Jean-Pierre Fleurimon Make-up School ー Paris
Specialty Make-up for Beauty, Bridal, Movie, TV, Photographer,
Show, Opera, Special effect, Body painting. Maquillage Beauté,
Mariage, Film, Télévision, Photographie, Défile de mode, Opéra,
Special effects , body painting.

                                                      Bai Ling

– Photography school – Paris & Tokyo Basic training and lightning.

Work experience:
– Harllow
France, Paris
Color specialist.

– Internship in Europe between the Chamber of Crafts and for the French         Federation of Hairstylists in Berlin, Edinburgh, and Paris.

– Carita (France, Paris)

Assistant to the Artistic Director, who is also Hairstylist.

– Jacques Dessange and Bruno Pittini
Hairtylist and Manager France.
Miami-Beach et Palm-Beach, USA.

Kiki Sukezane 

– Total Nail and Hair Academy
Hairstylist, Teacher USA.

– Prive N.Y.
Hairstylist USA

Coiffeur de Studio.



– Sacha & Olivier N.Y. USA
Hairstylist specialized in dry cutting, Colorist, Manager.

                        Barry Pepper

– Rosario Acquista N.Y. USA
Hairstylist & Colorist.


– Ryubi 
Japan Hairstylist & Make-up Artist Teacher

– Valmont (Ginza 6 & event)
Hairstylist & make-up artist & Photographer

– bba-japan.com (freelance)
Tokyo, Japan 


Hairstylist Colorist & Make-up Artist,
Hair prosthesis placement,
Body Special Effect,
Self applying M.U. course teacher.



bba-japan.com bodypainting makeup hairdresser stylist tokyo japan

Fashion Magazine. Magazine de Mode. (France , U.K., Belgium, USA , Japan, China)

– Paris Match, Ocean Drive, Showroom Guide, Bride Magazine.

Vanity Fair, Click, Teen People Magazine, HX magazine.
Yasa 沖縄ガイド Book , Rolex Titanium, Inter media Japan.

TV & Movies. Films et Télévision.

– VH1 Behind the Music
– Fox news
– CBS news
– E TV

– 3 short independent movies

– The Matador

Fashion Show. Défilé de mode.


– Givenchi
– Ted Lapidus
– Lacoste
– Lanvin
– Nautica
– Marithe + Francois Girbaud

Event, commercial event:

– James Beard Award
– Tokyo Museum show (historical) Marie-Antoinette style.
– Suntory Hall
– Okura
– Seftel Productionsbba-japan.com bodypainting makeup hairdresser stylist tokyo japan

Airline Company :
– Delta Air Lines
– Air France
– British Airways

Event promotion company :
NBCU Global Networks Asia Pte. Ltd.

Special event for Official and Special Guest::
– Embassy of France , Germany , Switzerland , Belgium. Israel , Austria.
– Royalty
– Famous Actress & Actors
– Miss Japan team


Voici 2 petites discussions que j’ai eu avec des journalistes pour ceux qui veulent venir travailler au Japon , a savoir avant de venir,

À la Rencontre d’Alexandre, Coiffeur Français à Tokyo