All you never see behind ” photoshoot ,  movie ,  video ,  commercial ” and always dream about discovering.

Behind a movie

I have to say that the way we started wasn’t what I expected , our first meeting got canceled at the meeting time so for me it was more like a nothing will happen , than I didn’t pursuit because in my feld a lot of flare will never ended up becoming a firework so I let life continue it’s way , than few days later I’ve got another message requesting another appointment so I gave my condition because I didn’t want to wait on the other si of town doing the trip and go for nothing.
Guess what time of our first meeting showed-up and I was at the meeting point when I received a message saying that the direcor was late …………….  when he gave me the meeting point we talked about 2 different places so I went mine and he went his , when he called me to tell me he was there we couldn’t see each other so I gave him the location where I was …………… finally we mate so indeed I was in a rush cause we lost so much time.

As we started to talk I understood what was coming and he asked me to find idea of make-up because he found me thru my facebook and liked my work so he asked me also if I had any idea how to create the make-up of the evils guys in the movie.By that time I was late for my next meeting so I made a stand-by on it re planed it for the day after , so Richard and I could continu to work on the idea of creating the image.Well , I have to say that to create those images it took us at least 3 hours and whyle I was describing them I as imaginating them to make sure that they looked good on the movie , sometime n excellent idea looks great but like shit on the finished products , and at the same time trying to find a connection between those guys and not making  it look like cliché also because all people face is different (yes everyone is unique) I had to imaing the result on people pictures so it did made it more difficult.Finally the days came to started the filming I was one of the first to arrive cause it usually start with the actors already prepared , in my field you know that we are the first to wake-up if you like to sleep late choose another field , and indeed as soon as we started trouble wasn’t far , we were stock outside and I was wondering how late and if I need to started on the street , so far some of the actors got into some of the same situation before and one of them had an great idea and we managed to go in so I started right away with the first make-up to start the first shoot of the day and I continu with each one like that so we didn’t loose more time that what usually goes in a set.We did finished late as it always happen and got kicked out by the team behind us because when working at the first location and becaue $$$ is very improtant the owner of the shop booked another event right after us , c’est la vie.On our second day we went to a new location and guess what ? again we got late but because I knew exactly the face of the actors I was abble to do everything needed on time whyle the set was prepare, (it does help to know how to work fast sometime) so unless it’s the same place and the set already prepared , there are few chances that trouble will appears on preparing , but don’t worry we always got surprise whyle filming as my experience told me since I work in the business , get prepared for the unexpected is the key to achieving my work.Working in a movie is not for people who dislike surprise……… 

A day at the Trianon , Opera in Paris

I had the pleasure to work at the Trianon Opera in Paris, it was for a Burlesque show.

It was a very interesting night to work with real opera’s actors , some of them were really nice and other less , it was so crazy all around to get ready in just 2 hours so we had to be 3 make-up artist and we also knew about hairstyle so we could jump from one to one without thinking.

All make-up are made with a very low budget for this event it was really difficult to work cause of the quality of products and we had to make it stand under the lights and the actor had to be seen from far away , this gentleman was really funny to work with.

As you can see the costumes were a bit outgoing and everyone was so relax before the representation.

All of the work done to them were really simple and made in few minutes only.

Like now you can see me doing some retouch cause she was very worry about looking good during the performence she was the lead actress.

Here is a mix of red and green , we had to adjust each make-up and hairstyle regarding of the stylist , the director fifn’t had a word to say , it was a bit crazy.

The twin were really fun to work with , they were laughing so much.

Some were more serious and I am glad most of them were nice to us.

Here is the team at work , Alexandre and Jenny and Mika and we did our best with about 30 Actors and we were jumping from 2 different floors and helping each other and rush in two hours.








In Love , the making of …

I have to say every time I work on a photo shoot it is always a new experience , this one had few surprises and I was remembering the time when I went to school cause it is the entire opposite of it , I thought of it the entire time , I was lucky when I learned because we had every thing we could made easy for us , there I had almost only my imagination to get to work with , I had no space , no light and it was dark time , the model was on her first time to work in a photo shoot no experience and indeed late , and to finish the photographer had something  running in the apartment.

So we were supposed to meet later in the afternoon and the I showed up at his appartment we told me to find a spot to set-up my tools , after I look all around the place and I found a little area near one of the window I set-up everything , plug my tools and he offered me some drink I waited for the wine that the model was here , it is a little trick to make the model feel more relax to shoot , all photographer always have some alcohol hidden in some area for the models.

He explained to me what was the photo shoot for and that we had one model , and he wanted to do a session on jewelry , she was gone wear an open dress and I had to put make-up on her arm and legs too , she was a little bit older than usual and it was her first soot so we had to make her fell comfortable so I told him okay and I was used to work in the field with very experienced and also with some who are less experienced

We chatted for a long time cause she was late so he showed me a lot of his previous work and we love to do shoot body builders , his specialty was people at sport , I saw previous shoot of people that you can only see in movies or sports magazines , while I was watching his previous work I notice something moving on the floor but I couldn’t really see what it was , guess what I had passing near my feet ?  a 1.5 meter  snake , I got a little surprise for a second and asked him , there is a snake in the house , he told me that it was his pet , fine with me I asked if possible not to get it on the shooting area cause it was not gone make the model very comfortable to know a snake was running in the house and he agreed.

What a surprised !   I was not so used to work with snake around me , it was my first one

So the model finally showed up about one hour late so I stated her make-up right away we were a little behind schedule as usually , we always more or less know when we start but we never know at what time we finish that’s for sure , it is part of the business , she was in a 30’s and it was her first real session , she was very nice and a very pleasant person so I work as quick as I could , we had to do 3 different make-up color to match the jewelry she were gone put on , I mentioned earlier that I was gone do the lightest color first so I didn’t had to change the make-up to much and we could win time.

By the way I forgot to tell you nigh came and the light he provide me was not strong enough so I had to find some other area to work so I was doing her make-up on his  bathroom and in a big city those place are usually very small , yep ! , I set-up a small stool for her and I started her make-up jumping from left to right of her legs , make-up artist have to be creative to work , as soon as I finished her eyes I started her lips and we both had to stand against a wall to apply it the funny part was that she was 20cm taller that me so my arms started to get tired and shaking but I managed to do it very well.

I left her to change in the bathroom and I went to tell the photographer that she was getting dressed-up , he mention to me that I have to put make-up on her legs arms neck , so when she came out I told her that I was gone do it , I noticed that her dress was very open on the chest and I had to add make-up there but she kind os was not so comfortable so I told her that I was gone ask him if he was okay , so we tried few shots and it wasn’t so we had to go back in the bathroom and I tried not to touch her chest cause the dress was very open like a V shape down to her belly bottom , because she was not felling comfortable I told that I was gone turn my head and touch her skin only with my sponge and brush , (no skin contact indeed) , so I started and and I had no idea what I was doing but I could sense her getting really uncomfortable than she was starting to get upset and I was really trying to relax her but she got mad ………….. and here was another surprised she got so mad for few second and she turn her head on the side and open her dress totally and told me to put make-up on her chest so it was done , it was very surprising cause usually model don’t like to have a man looking  in the field, so I did it as quick as I could without touching her at all and she was okay.

Than we came back for the session and they did the shoot, it went very well , he had a lot of fun.








One day make-up course
“mise en beaute”


I had the pleasure to organize a make-up course that I was ask to provide for a big company in Tokyo

The theme was Mise en Beaute (beauty make-up.

This is  the simplest way to put yourself into your best in less than 10min , in 3 steps Foundation ,The Eye , and the Lip shaping.

I had  23 students in two seassons and I was giving the course in Japanese and a little bit in English when I had a miss of vocabulary.

tI have to say all sudents were listening with a lot of attention and it was pleasant for me.

First I was giving a lecture and a demonstration than each stuidents were executing there own task that  I was checking on each person , one on one.

when each step was finished we were continuing to the next one.

As you can see no joking around , each of them were very focusted on their own taskI was very lucky because the company that I was working for provides all of the equipment so I didn’t had to get tools before starting the classes.

As you can see all of those lady were doing a great work !

So, thank you very much to all of you ladies for following my course.









Fashion show in New York

I have to say that I was a bit younger and I looked much better , by the way my hair were dark at that show when I am tired of having color I change to a new one that time I was deep black.

(the young dude with a blue sweat on the top right picture and my hand in the middle picture with the handsome dude in a purple shirt in the middle)

This show was for Nautica men’scollection by Allan Cho

(the guy on the bottom left).

Well how can I explain Fashion Shows ,those are very organized ( I had the pleasure to be in few in Paris also Miami and New York) it is always a pleasure to work with a good team and leadership, unfortunatly it doesn’t is the case.

YES !!!! those are so stressful , no question ask , if you can’t handle pressure don’t bother with a serious team you will be kicked out from the backstage by the security , it happen that a lot of people act very strangely and usually only those you are comfortable with this type of pressure stays cool.

(For the story : My first one I had no clue what to do everything was wrong and horrible , well the pressure was way to high for a rookie that I was at that time and I still don’t understand why they requested me to join it was for Givenchy in Paris).

At Nautica’s runway we were so lucky ,all of the majors TV’s start were our models , yop , I had the pleasure to work very cool and nice actors that day , I have to say none were unpleasant they were all nice and relax.

We had 4 hours to get them ready about 20 of them and our team was 3 hairstylists , and also 2 make-up artists joined us too.

The theme of the show was given to us few days in advance , we all mate together a week before at Nautica’s office around Union’s Square in thier headquarters and the manager explain to us what we had to do.

I recall getting lost in the building between all of the fitting rooms and floors and people we had to meet and asked question we got separated and I had to call them on the phone to find them.

The day of the event I had no clue that we were gone have a photographer following the actors , he took pictures of us working , those are for a magazine published all around USA (hurray !)

We simply made our work and we watched the show on video none of us were allowed to go close to the entrance that was the place for the dressers , we made every detail perfect after every change of close and they all were sent to the podium , the show was finished in less than 20min.

We took our tools back , said thank you to Mr Cho and the organizer to the make-up team than to each otherand we all went home , so tired from all of the preparation and stress , I was lucky the day after I was able to take a day off.

Got home clean my tools and prepared them for the next event , I probably had some Calzone with a supplement of oinion rings to take home near where I lived.



Photo-shoot with Mother & daughter

That morning was my first time working for Paul and Michael , we had a chat on the phone prior to the shoot.

He explain to me that he wanted to do a photo session with two Russians models at the beach in Enoshima.

I mate with him at a major station in Tokyo on the way , it was kind of unusually funny cause we mix-up information about the meeting area I was waiting for him on the other side of the platform and we both jump into the train and ended-up meeting  inside without being able to communicate cause he drop him cellphone on water the day before on another shoot.

So we were able to discuss about the plan for the day of shooting and because he knew them he gave me a lot of information , we spoke so much about the theme of day that we passed our stop and had to go around town by walking from the other end to get to our meeting point with the girls who was waiting for us (sorry to be late).

As soon as was in the station I quickly found a spot to set up my tools (usually a wind free area with day light)  and that spot was in the train station so every time a train brought people they were all looking of what I was doing (better not be shy).

I start with Erena (daughter) and I did as fast as I could and sent her to the location where they had set-up the first shoot , than I started with Valerya (mum) and I pretty much followed her way cause she is being modeling for much longer and already has her own way of make-up and feel much comfortable like that.

And then we went straight to the location and got a little bit mix-up with the way (it seems that day was gone be like that) we arrived and Erena was almost done with her solo shoot.

I was helping to fix the hair with both models cause the wind was blowing crazy and it was a pain in the neck , the good thing is usually my make-up hold very well cause I by good products and I know how to make them Hold better, it is not waterproof so I have to keep an eye just in case of tears or water splash (who knows what could happen).

So because my make-up was holding well (I am sending flowers to myself) I stay around to keep the way in a good shape , double check that no waters comes around and I usually help here and there the photographers by holding flash or filming or setting up and area.

and all the time is pretty much what I do a little hair & make-up touch-up cause of the clothes change and wind and bla bla bla … , than finally the last shot so I did the make-up hairstyle for evening , new style.

Than finally time to get diner near the beach all of us , followed with the usual 2 hours train back to home , than 1 hour to clean my tools , shower and bed.







Video Shooting for JVC

I had the pleasure to work for a big production on a video with a breakdancer , as usually the the entire script was prepared and it help a lot to avoid delays , we work on two different location the first one was on a top of a roof near and the second one inside an apartment.

We had to get ready to film on sunrise (6.45am) so it was a bit early I had to wake up at 4.15am (I am so glade they provide a bed for me prior (nice,thx)) get to the location at 5.30am , set-up all my tools and start with the actor by 5.45am , (I was so sleepy that I couldn’t understand japanese) it was really funny to follow every one.

 Indeed I had to hurry so the stylist could check the last touch-up for clothing and prepare for the second location , (one actor maybe 20 suits) as soon as we was ready we had time to chat and eat somewhat few little thing including an hot cafe au lait , a little time for him to stretch-up and warm-up than we started on the roof.

He didn’t wear a shirt and we all wear huge coat , he had to do few stunts , I have to say “he did incredible stunts on top of a roof at 6am with no shirt!”  that only is the first stunt , so to avoid him to catch a cold when ever a cloud was there we went back into the building for him to warm-up and so on until noon time , he did so many breakdance stunts and he is only 24y/old , “Bravo”.

I asked the director if I could take few shots and he accepted ,so when I had so nice one I showed it to him and he liked them so he asked me to do few more for the “making of” and the actors asked me to do the same for him too.

By noon time we had a little break and we went to the second location , indeed I’ve got lost on the way , luckily I recognized one of the trucks of the production so I followed it to the next area ,we lost time to find a parking cause of the ice , (few days before we had 50cm of snow in town) but that time wasn’t really lost the crew did the second set-up during the lunch break so we had so nice bento, I had the pleasure to have a social talk  with the actor and I ate spicy shrimps also a lot of chocolate cause one of the big boss knew that I love it (we worked together before).

As soon has we finished lunch it was time to get him ready so I started with the hair and make-up than I sent him to get dress-up with the stylists , I went to check the lightning ,were was the cameras , his clothes , asked few question to the director and the camera-man , got back to the actor to make sure everything was okay and we started the second part of the video.

At some point I did ask for the help of a lady cause we ad to do some close-up sweaty wet look with the make-up and I asked who could help me to do this , with the approval of the actor (indeed), a nice lady who assist our stylist was force to do the job , as you can see it was a umbearable task for her.

We continued with the few different steps , clothing , hair styles, suits , etc… by 4pm I was so tired I had already 6 cafe au lait ,I was running all around making sure that the make-up and the hairstyle was okay , I also was shooting a lot of pictures.

We did a lot of work all afternoon than finally by 7pm we finished the entire video ,and under  you will see the final scene that we shot cause it was gone kill the make-up at the end and I add to jump in and out so I wasn’t gone be wet too.

Finally it was time to get back home, it was a really good day of work I had the pleasure to work with a great team , by 8pm I was on my way home got some diner by 10pm in my bed.





Fashion show
Marithe + Francois Girbaud

It was a crazy event , I was working of a photo-shoot with a photographer when one of his ex-girl friend approach me and asked me if I had ever work in a fashion  show and I told her that I had some experience with it in Paris and Miami but not yet in New york, after having a long converation with her and discuss what was her intention I agreed to work ifor her event.

She was trying at the time to get knows so she needed to built up a team and also tocreate event around NY.

Well … the show got a little hectic ,between the preparation and the models also the backroom  thigs got really unexpected .

No preparation was done , ………… , I took all of my gears and showed up with another MUA Cynthia , we only had one hour to prepare the show so she did all of the make-up and I took care of all the hairstyles , so far I never got the pictures from the orgenizer , well it’s the crazy thing bout NY , things goes fast and most of the time to get your own work done do it yourself , I learned that with time in NY.

At least I’ve got my credit (without my entire name) before and my pay check at the end of the show.

Here is the only picture of a 20 minutes show with one hour preparation before and few drinks after.

The New York underground event will always be a quick and fun life to live , I’ve got it and loved it.



Photo-shoot at the beach with Aice

I had to start early that day so I double check everything the night before , usually I have a last check on the morning, I was gone meet Paul directly at the beach with Michael and Aice , I ended-up meeting Aice first at the train station so we cheated for a bit and at the same time I  started to analyze her face.

Because it was an outside shoot I had to find a place free of wind , as usually I made my set-up in a small area by a bench at the train station near a window , so when ever the people were coming out of the train station we were the center of interest  , I don`t mind at all , I am usually so focused on it that even when we get a quake I don`t realize it.

I started her make-up that the rest of the team showed-up she was almost ready when both photographers were ready to shoot, it is a very common thing that i talk in advance with the person in charge so I can be lead on what I to prepare (also I previously work with both of them and I knew their taste), usually I wait to finish that the photographer is there so if he wants to make a last adjustment I can do it with ease.

As soon as she was finished I stated the other model that day was a double shot team.

So we started to as soon as possible on the beach and between touch-up I helped here and there.

I have to say that day was so hot that i had to were full gear not to get some sunburn some time i had to jump into the was for touch-up and also carrying the flash so I had the good idea to were and old jeans with hole on my knee to not to get too hot and also to dry faster.

I have to say that sometime it is indeed fun to see a photo-shoot on the beach but because it is professional work there is no distraction allowed ,I ear a lot of time that I am a lucky guy to work with pretty women , (yes indeed I am) , but I have to have an professional eye so their are no missing point on the shot , cause photographer try to use a little of retouch as possible so when i see an hair on the make-up or a tear appearing cause of the wind I have to be ready to jump on it , (just a reminder hairstyle&make-up are not water proof).

Than finally it was time to add the body-painting so we went back to a private area and I started , I had to use a totally different brush and I had to make each stroke unique to make it appear like this , one of the thing about body-painting products is that you can’t retouched it , usually when you apply make-up you can always fix it , not body-painting products because it is or water base or oil base , this one was an oil base gold extremely think so I had to use a very little amount of it on my brush.

By the end of the afternoon we finally finished the work , after sun down we all put back into our bag all of gears and went to get diner at the local soup place near the beach and we headed back to Tokyo in 2 hours.




Miss Univers pagent Mokako Shimoga

My fiend Antoine called me in emergency and asked my to join him on the other side of town , and asked me if I was gone be joining the Blacklist exclusive event that night , (and yes indeed this is the best event that Tokyo offer so I wasn’t goen miss it) , he told me to be there early because he needid my help , not so many explaination because he wanted to keep te information secret.

So showed up with a bit of my tools and he explained to me that Miss Mikako Shimogaki who won the secound place the night before for Miss Univers Japan was there and they were filming and he needed to keep it has a secret for a bit and he wantd me to groome her.

So I went into the filming area and  Antoine introduced me to the cast and I saw that they needed my help the assistant was struggling to fix her hair and make-up and they had no clue of what was my job , at that moment I just introduced myself to the director and I looked at everyone and smiled an everyone smailed back to me and introduced themself to me , after few second the camera was going to be ready ad the assistant was really struggling I look at the directr and said , hey guys do you need some help and he replying to me it is kind of hard but we need someone to take care of the hair and make-up , and he asked me do you know anyone ?
I smiled back and reply , yop , at that oment Antoine said to him let me introduce you my hairstylist an he also does make-up I am sure he can help you , at that moment I felt the pressure going off his face , his assistant was so relaxed and happy and she told me please help, so I  started to help Makiko and in less than 5 minutes we were ready to roll and voila !

Everyone was really nice , Makiko was a natural born acrtice and they did the entire interview in one shot in 15minutes , the entire room was full of tools and the cast as ready and I did my magic , I was kind of surprised too to have made the interview in so little time , usually when I work for TV , it takes hours and redo to obtain a good interview.

It was my pleasure to meet everyone and to see that much sense of professional work done in  a so little time , the other good thing was we had so much champagne after that they was o way we could have redo the entire interview.

Always a pleasure to be there when needed by professional.

Wedding in France on the country side.

I had the pleasure t be part of a wedding in France in a place I never went , a ittle town outside of Nantes , yes you eared me well Nantes the crepes country , and yes indeed I ate some many of them………..

So , I went to Paris for 10 days and I went to get products that I can’t get overseas , color , make-up , combs , you name it I’ve got them.

I arrived 4 days prior to the wedding so I wasn’t gone be too tired and aso I planed to get all of those tools and also in France there is always a stike so I fegured I rather be early than late and on the other time I had to get some friends to lend me some tools because some of them I barelly use it.

Also the wedding ceremony was about 450km from Paris  and I went by car easy way to go all around whitout transportation complications.

Indeed I was at the place 24h prior and I visit a little bit the area , got my full of local food and pripared to set up for the moning .

That morning the first ceremony was early and in Nantes , got the bride on time , I was doing her make-up than I did her hairstyle , the reason that I started with make-up was simply because the photographer was gone take shots of us and she need to have a decent foundation prior.
After an hour I was done with her make-up and he arrived than I started to do her hair , same as usual no tension , I’ve got her ready a little early and I went with her to the car in case of something happend , the night before it was kinda of a misty rain .

The wedding went well than I went to the castle on the other town to change her make-up and hair ,and yes indeed I’ve got lost on my way there so I arrived just on time but it was a short one. I followed the photographer and helped him a little bit , inedde with the jet lag I had to go to sleep for an hour  I was up by the people from the castle to finish her hair and make0up to change it for the evening , it took me about an extra hour to make sure evething was gone stay all night long .

Et voila , the wedding was over , things went well as usually , it is not my first wedding so I am use to it , always at the right time at the right moment makes things much simpler.

Than 4 days later  on my way to the airport , in between I went to get the last few things that I couldn’t get before because I forgot but most of the store are closed Snday and Monday in Paris , only Tuesday are for the museum , I forgot abut it and I am glade I’ve got everything on time , the order and the extra , everything was much cheapper over there sometime 25% of the cost here , and yes I got more than needed , guess the funny one at the airport in Japan , I ahd to much of those goods so when they asked me I said I had this and that but I didn’t mention the quantity and they let me in without any trobble , good !
So I won’t have to get most of those things for a long time, approximatly 6 months.

10 days of french food and I ate about twice the meal I usually get and 4 times a day and I only won 1kg , something is usuall with the French food , maybe because the cheese is not pasterised ? who knows ?








Miss Japan 2015  Ariana Miyamoto

I love to work with magazine , they are always full of surprise , so indeed just right before the shoot I got a phone call , cancelled , so I asked why , no clothes available for the model , well I called my friend who work for Replay and voila , he was so happy to lend some clothes for miss Japan, yes I saved the day and got my paycheck , one journalist came and interviewed here at the same time I was doing the make follewed by her hair and we all went to the stag and we did all together some magic and voila !